Research Overview

Bio-impedance spectral sensing/imaging

Bio-impedance spectral sensing/imaging

In this topic, we focus on exploiting multi-frequency impedance sensing/imaging for biomedical applications, in particular tissue engineering applications such as non-destructive, label-free and real-time 3-D cell culture imaging, from the perspectives of advanced instrumentation, image reconstruction algorithms, miniaturised biosensor design and experimental analysis.

Optical obsorption tomography for energy engieering

In this research, we are devoted to implement infrared Chemical Species Tomography (CST) on a variety of combustion plant, such as marine engine and gas turbines.

Industrial process tomography

We develop synthetic methods based on electrical tomography to enable real-time and in-situ measurement of critical process parameters of industrial processes, targeting at generating advanced techniques to understand, optimise and control the process.

Data driven methods for agile tomography

The objective of this research is to address the pressing challenges of efficient utilization and interpretation of the enormous volumes of sensing data generated from agile tomography (AT) modalities, by combining it with machine learning methods. The ultimate goal is to make effective connections between the sensing data/images from AT and process control, analysis and fault diagnosis.

Research Collaborators

  • Prof. Lihui Peng, Tsinghua University, China.

  • Prof. Yi Li, Tsinghua University, China.

  • Prof. Chao Tan, Tianjin University, China.

  • Prof. Hugh McCann, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Prof. Tughrul Arslan, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Jiabin Jia, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Chang Liu, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Pierre Bagnaninchi, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Yang Cao, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Shiming Zhang, University of California, Los Angeles, US.

  • AI Exploration Ltd, UK.

  • LeEngStar Technology Ltd, China.


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