Research Overview

  • Multi-modal bio-impedance spectroscopic tomography​​

    • Sensors and systems

    • Machine learning for inverse problems and data fusion.

    • Non-destructive, label-free, 3-D cell imaging

    • Early cancer detection

  • Intelligent soft robot perception and control

    • Flexible sensors​

    • Learning based perception and control

  • Digital twins for multiphase sensing systems

    • Multi-modal sensing/tomography based flow sensing

    • Learning based flow characterisation

  • Optical absorption tomography for energy engineering

  • Industrial process tomography: sensors, systems, algorithms and applications

Research Collaborators

  • Prof. Lihui Peng, Tsinghua University, China.

  • Prof. Yi Li, Tsinghua University, China.

  • Prof. Chao Tan, Tianjin University, China.

  • Prof. Jiafeng Yao, NUAA, China

  • Prof. Hugh McCann, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Francesco Giorgio-Serchi, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Jiabin Jia, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Pierre Bagnaninchi, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Yang Cao, University of Edinburgh, UK.

  • Dr. Shiming Zhang, University of California, Los Angeles, US.

  • AI Exploration Ltd, UK.

  • LeEngStar Technology Ltd, China.


The Intelligent Sensing, Analysis & Control Group

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